Thicker than Blood

June 20, 2011
By Blooddrinker9755 PLATINUM, Batavia, Ohio
Blooddrinker9755 PLATINUM, Batavia, Ohio
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"Tears are words the heart can't express”

Encircled myself with rage. I scream of whatever is left in my lungs. The air grew thick, thicker than my boiling blood. My hands begin to bleed as I pounded my fists on my door. Wax drips as blood but not as thick. Isolated in this cryptic tomb surrounded by riddled lies. Giving in I encircle myself with tears swelling in my eyes. The dark regions of my mind are webbed deep. Tangled with fear and with that a knot forms in my stomach. Cradled on the floor I scream to live but I cry for death. Blinded by fire that scorched my eyes. Slowing giving in as my body cripples. My skin flakes off like a paper burns with embers glow softly.Begging to have bliss, to have peace. Hands pry me apart and they tore into my chest to obtain my heart. My heart beats with a quicken pace. The temptation to fight against my own darkness is wrong and impossible. This blood churning urge to break away is lust within my dreams. How I cry for a better chance, to finally rest forever. A cold metal blade splits my heart. Shrieks and blood were only present. How painful this dream continues to hurt me. Please make it stop.

The author's comments:
I was going through depression at the time and I writing this in candle light. So tears and wax dripped without much as a careles thought.

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