Just because

June 18, 2011
Just because I love The Beatles doesn't mean I'm obsessed.
Just because my wall has Beatles posters doesn't make it a shrine.
Just because I'm inspired by The Beatles doesn't mean I have to be.
Just because I have all of their music doesn't mean I listen too them 24/7.
Just because I share beliefs in rights for all and everything doesn't mean I copy them.
Just because I know random facts about them doesn't make me an encyclopedia.

Just because I act like a hippie doesn't mean I have to do drugs.
Just because I'm a vegan doesn't mean I have no idea what meat tasted like.
Just because I'm a pacifist doesn't mean I can never get angry.
Just because I want peace doesn't mean I can't support our soldiers in wars.
Just because I don't like something doesn't mean I can't support it.
Just because I'm shy doesn't mean I don't like attention.
Just because I'm stubborn doesn't mean I'm right, or wrong.
Just because I'm polite doesn't mean I'm uptight.
Just because I can be wild and random doesn't make me crazy.

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