Nocturnal Odyssey

June 17, 2011
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If all my dreams were chapters of your story,
The pen may have never met the page.
For dreams which haunt, which follow,
Fill the gap of the blackened night age.
And as black and dark as this night may seem,
My presence, I hope you deem,
A light - your friendly companion which for your sake,
Illuminates the path we all must take.
But down yonder, a fork lies in your path,
It strangely splits the future in two,
Though both paths are entrances to the exit,
‘Tis the odyssey which defines you.
You, uncertain of direction, time, and consequence,
Look back to see urban lights in the distance,
Past this last step, there is no definite return,
Mistakes were made, but how else do we learn?
And learn you did,
Of civilization’s mighty hypocrisy,
To call oneself civil,
A denial of brutal atrocity.
Enlightened with the pour of rain,
The northern downpour of late,
You tilted your head back to taste the droplets,
Bitter-sweet truths on ice trails of comets.
The entirety of cosmos in the forefront,
An alter ego’s shadow emerges to confront,
Polaris, a stealthy yet constant spy,
What are the dead and forgotten doing in the sky?
The sad song of dead funeral processions,
Choked voices of last-minute confessions,
You stood svelte ‘neath the giant willow,
Mourning innocence, contemplating limbo.
Neither taken to Heaven, nor dragged to Hell,
Restless souls marched to compel,
The prophetic interveners who did not care
To live, to breathe, to feel, to swear.
Swear that evil, vice, wicked, and sin,
Are all man-dug holes we’ve fallen in.
But let it be said, let it be known,
You and I could atone,
Atonement on a forsaken mountaintop,
Guilty pleasures will never cease to stop,
Kingdoms of Kingdoms discernable from Everest height,
Revealed by rays of darkness, rays of light.
Light which now casts your shadow to the West,
Shares with us warmth, rioters end all protest,
The world is quiet, save the moving of water and air,
Dawn again, to my despair.
For nocturnal odysseys that we journey alone,
Are our states of mobile home,
To each his own, moonbeam or starlight,
we journey a nocturnal odyssey, tonight

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