Mr.Human Eater

June 17, 2011
By tony tran BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
tony tran BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Hello sir or should I call you ma'am
I am sorry I couldn't tell
You all look the same to me
So slow yet so scary and deadly
You lash at me even when I've done nothing wrong
You're just grumpy because you can't bite me
No need to be grouchy I'm sure you'll get a bite one day
You got 6 billion other friends
It's still gonna take awhile because it's me
You've got will I've got power
It's never gonna end because of willpower in between us
You ascend from the ground and can take death 100 times over
I can't do that but I can just re-kill you
Nothing special
Okay lets get serious
You don't like me and I don't like you
Lets not make this any more awkward then it is
Come at me with your best shot and I'm sure ill put you down
Aw you got me and I was close too
Maybe ill join you and the rest of your billions of friends
but ill probably be the best
I had a good time Mr. Human Eater

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