Our Mistake

June 17, 2011
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Time keeps passing by
History made in your eyes
You refuse to believe, why?
Yet you listen to all his lies

Soon you will fall
Your life will be torn
Your wings ripped, can no longer stand tall
Your distress is reborn

But still you refuse
To see the truth
This light you will lose
In ignorance and youth

You hide in your cage
From reality you flee
Why don’t you act your age
Open your eyes and you will see

This war has begun
Will you help us win
Or will you flee, hide, run?
When will you save your true kin

Left the darkness far behind
Step into the painfully sweet light
You, his lies no longer bind
For this war you will fight

Now, go, take back your heart
Show us the form you call true
His power you rip apart
Show him why he should have flew

But you go too far, driven forward
Madness engulfs your fragile mind
your murderous intent drives onwards
You harm him and all his kind

Lost all of your light
With your blood covered fang
Can tell no wrong from right
Till that sweet voice sang

Look around see the pain
The blood that fears your very name
Stop this madness in the rain
End your foolish killing game

Gently guided, now sane
Tears flow, see her cry
What do you gain?
Look what’ caused by that lie

But you aren’t all to blame
We helped, forced her to kill
So that we could call it fame
We caged her broken will

Now she lays broken
In the blood we spilt
Watch her, she has awoken
Now she helps correct this world so newly built

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