"Where I'm From"

June 17, 2011
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I am from the treacherous yet exciting mountain trips
From the fresh sweet smell of rain pouring down
I am from a house with a swing on the second floor
From a room filled with pleasant old memories, and the tears of joy flooding down my cheeks from all the laughter
From my Grandma and Grandpa
From Mom and Dad
I am from these people who made me—stubborn, full of emotion, adventurous, out-going, but most importantly they gave me the power to love
From the special moments of me sitting in my Grandma’s lap and getting tickled to death
I am from the lessons I learned from listening to the stories on the chilly nights
I am from “If you look deep enough you might even find God” and “Live life King Size”
From the light of Diwali that spreads bliss throughout the warm hearts of families
I am from the entertaining family gatherings
From my cousins who ran around like monkeys
I am from those cute moments where we would dress up and pretend to be “superheroes”
I am also from the loss of my Grandma—the blinding pain of needles in my heart
From the lesson I learned that day—to relinquish the painful past, but keep the heartwarming memories
I am from those moments
A part of each soul
With these wonderful memories boxed within me
Protecting them from burning to coal

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