Taking a Stand

June 17, 2011
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We're complaining about the problems, but no one will take a stand. There's so much we can do to better this place, if only everyone threw in a helping hand.

Taxes really could be lowered,
Jobs could be more accessible
Laws could be changed
And the government, more impressible.

Trees could be greener
Skies could be bluer
If only the world was concerned with cleanliness
No one takes the time to notice
How big of a mess it really is.

There's trash all over the streets
And so much pollution in the air,
Oh tell me, how is this possibly fair?

People throw garbage in our waters, with no care or bother.
Some people dirty up public places
And the employees will remember all of their faces.

I'm only one person.
I can't fix everything,
But I have been looking for a team,
So it is no longer just me.

There are too many problems to fix every single one, so let's with the bigger ones, tell yourself you can.

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