what they want us to be

June 16, 2011
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What they want us to be

They want us to be smart, and pretty and funny and good people.
They want us to stay out of trouble, to be friends with the right people….to make the right decisions.
They tell us to write our own story to be our own selves.
But then when you try your wrong…
When you try and break free there’s nothing but obstacles in your way
Everyone knows how this feels.

They want us to try new things
Sometimes bad things
They want to be reckless and dangerous and to experience life…
To build our own future to defy all odds ….like they’re trying to
But deep down you know there’s something else for you

Your soul….
Your soul wants you to just be yourself
It wants you to try new things but not to extreme
It wants to show you your story, so you don’t have to be afraid anymore
To tell you, your going to be alright that the hurting is over and you just need to live to laugh that it’s ok
Just let go and be free….

We should be what we want to be…..I’m ready to be free

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