Melted Sunshine

June 16, 2011
By PoeticallyYours SILVER, Kansas, Missouri
PoeticallyYours SILVER, Kansas, Missouri
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Midday came and sunshine melted
on their faces
Hot temperatures brought ashes from many different places
Only the outline of their bodies
Were left as their traces
Midday came
Along with the bringing of
Soft Rains
On the side walk melted footprints
That are now stains
For the future to reunite with
The souls that are lost here
The living wonder what death feels like
But nothing like this
They wonder how cold the earth
really is
But nothing like this
They long for answers
And the dead long to live
They long to feel the warmth of a
beating heart beneath
Solid ribs
Once more and again
They long to walk along earths unforgiving boundaries
Just one more time
No ones really satisfied
Aging memories decay
With this lifeless body
That was destroyed by the melted
They want more time
Tired of being blinded by the
Darkness of death
Masked by a blanket of gloom
Wishing things hadn't happened so
Three beautiful people gone so soon
Time froze with the distant laughters of the past
Melted Sunshine
Such a phenomenal thing, yet deadly
Everyone's gone now
Nights coming
.............I wonder what tomorrow's sun will bring

The author's comments:
I wrote this as an assignment in my Comm. Arts 2 class after reading the story "And there will come Soft Rains" By Ray Bradbury

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