June 16, 2011
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Soft sand and cool breeze the ocean whispers in my ear talking to me. She isn’t what I expected to see so much power and beauty. Darker than I expected ….. Waves curl over as they hit the sand and recede back into the deep. Leaving little pieces of shells and sea weed behind or sometimes whole shells. It reminds me of life how everything comes hurling at you at once and just as quickly it recedes… gone like it never mattered leaving little pieces behind.

Walk across the hot asphalt scald my feet, breathing in the heat. To the cool shower to erase the sea, the salt, the beauty of it all. I look at you and smile you wave from your balcony. Walking in the twilights staring at her beauty listening to the crashing and feeling the night settle in, there you are not above me looking down but next to me on the ground.

A week of fun in the sun, the ocean and her beauty now I’m back at the farm and oh I’m in a tizzy I miss the ocean and her beauty I miss you and the twilights….

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