June 16, 2011
By PoeticallyYours SILVER, Kansas, Missouri
PoeticallyYours SILVER, Kansas, Missouri
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When I look in to the mirror
I see a face that I don't recognize
Just a blank image with hollow eyes
Yet my face is wet
From the invisible tears I cry
A heart that has lost its rhythm
Locked behind cold bones
Are its prison
It's been a while since my sun has
I'm crying out
You'd hear me if you'd just listen
Slit wrists are the way I deal with
My pain
No sun out
Just my blood
Mixed with the soothing rain
My happiness was slain
When she spoke of destroying me
Now hurt and pain are my
Crutch and Cain
Distant laughter drifts
In the somber wind
Echoing in my hollow soul with in
Despising the skin I'm in
I'm clawing through it
Trying to escape from my inner sins
Being strangled by excess turmoil
My blood sinks beneath the damp
On the ground that once made my
Ambitions foil
Producing a fruit that's rotten
And spoiled
And dipping
In dark oil
Hot like fire my skin begins
To burn and boil
Guarded by blindness
I somehow find my way to happiness
I can't believe I've never tried this
Things with come easy if you just
Try and look for it

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