Everything To Nothing

June 16, 2011
Everything I thought I'd never be.
Everything I swore I wouldn't let myself say.
Everything I caused.
Everything I allowed.
Everything I hid.
And everything I shielded with lies.
Everything I felt,
And everything I refused to acknowledge that I was feeling.
Everything; and then silence...
And time to heal the giant gashes,
Let the scars form,
And allow the dust to settle in the remotest regions of my formerly weak and frail heart...
And now?
Nothing to fear,
Nothing to deny,
Nothing to hide,
Nothing to mentally do battle with,
Nothing to be ashamed of,
Nothing to cry about,
Nothing uncomfortable,
Nothing bothersome,
Nothing to worry over,
Nothing that I've ever felt before,
Nothing that I've ever seen before,
Nothing like before, it's not even fair to make the comparison.
Nothing tedious,
Nothing terrible, or anywhere near it,
Nothing to complain about,
Except how much I miss you whenever you're not right here next to me.
Nothing to lose,
And everything to gain.

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