Overcoming Hate

June 16, 2011
By ilovefood BRONZE, Wesley Chapel, Florida
ilovefood BRONZE, Wesley Chapel, Florida
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Hate is something inside.
Hate is something you can’t hide.
Hate is something that’s very real.
Hate is a horrible emotion inside we feel.

Hate is something I despise.
Hate is felt with life’s unjust compromise.
Hate is caused by the ones I trusted who told me lies.
Hate can be found in the soul of my eyes.

H- is for the hurt caused by the aggressor.
A- is for the anger caused by all this pressure.
T- is for the time, doesn’t matter how much goes by.
E- is for how it destroys your solitude in the blink of an eye.

Hate feeds on despair.
Hate chooses us to choose wrong and not care.
Hate turns us into something we don’t want to be.
Hate poisons the soul for eternity.

Hate turns into rage.
Hate keeps you from turning the page.
Hate only shows your worse side.
Hate causes one to justify their pride.

Hate is here,
Hate is fear,
Hate is something very clear,
Hate is an emotion that brings nothing but tears.

Hate is because of those who betray.
Hate is because of cruel, ruthless, insults people say.
Hate is the only thing I used to understand.
Hate taints the innocent and permanently brands.

Hate is a label,
Hate makes logical thinking disabled.
Hate dominates the subconscious mind.
Hate left uncontrolled reacts to everything you find.

Hate is covered up fear of what one doesn’t understand.
Hate is how one shows power to have the upper hand.
Hate is that feeling when you lose control.
Hate will eventually destroy the wounded soul.

Hate makes you evil and unforgiving.
Hate takes away the life that you were once living.
Hate makes you so dizzy and lonely.
Hate makes the inside burned out and phony.

Hate is hard to let go of.
Hate is now intertwined with love.
Hate is white, grey and black.
Hate is jumping to conclusions when you don’t get all the facts.

Hate is something nobody wants to feel anymore.
Hate taking over shuts all the once open doors.
Hate is just an excuse for an easy way out.
Hate holds you down as you thrash, violently and shout.

Hate only seems to make you look strong.
Hate can only give one power for so long.
Hate feels like a giant rock incasing my soul.
The rock is black and my soul is white and full.
The rock gets bigger the more you give in.
The bigger it is the faster you sink in the ocean.

At first hate’s shield makes you feel invincible,
Since it is a rock it is indestructible,
Since a rock it is hard and cold,
Hate cannot be defeated as I have been told.

But today I stand to make a change.
To fight for my life back, and turn the page.
If I have to melt the rock I will.
It is with love, that the naked missing shield needs to be replaced with, to be filled.

I have learned to trust again,
Turn to love and you will see the pain melt away, and with your life you can make amends.
Hate is not something you can beat in a fight.
With hate you must learn to turn into the light.
I have finally let go,
Of everything inside I have kept built up and stowed.
It is hard,
When the battle for your life is against everything you knew.
You must learn that you have a choice,
And that you must not shy away from your voice.

You can’t keep on that road of misery and uncertainty.
I will cross out the streets of everything that has hurt me.
Memories of the past, mistakes I have made, and wrongs others did to me.
All of that must be forgiven, everything I know, forgiveness is how it needs to be.

Hate has made me into a beast.
Hate has taken my emotions to dine on as its uncaring selfish feast.
Hate, you can’t consume me ever again, this ends now. I must try.
I have broken out of your unloving shell, and opened my eyes.

I laugh looking back knowing I was told against you I couldn’t win a fight.
I’ve turned to God, and have walked into the light.
Away from the blackness of the night.
Always have and always will do what I think is right.

I have forgiven those who have wronged me.
And instead of being weak and angry, I will learn to be free.
First is the key I must find,
The key which is Destiny’s Bind.

I completed the first step and stripped away from all I knew.
I turned to love, forgiveness, and compassion something I could never do.
Hate is no longer my fate.
With hate I can no longer relate.
From hate I have been saved.
From hate inside I was enslaved.

I have learned that beauty and strength come from love and forgiveness.
It is hard to do but it can be done with a strong will and self-awareness.
It took me awhile, I know I was late
But better now than never, what do you think hate?

The author's comments:
This is a poem about me and my self awareness with the hate I used to carry around my shoulders like a musty old jacket.

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