June 16, 2011
A child so innocent, so pure.
Scattering their delicate petals of love
Wherever they fly
And sprinkling their embrace of magic
On the ones they love.

So full of wonder
And so curious they fly
Wherever they can.

But curiosity can kill.
Curiosity killed the cat
And curiosity will kill them too.
No not their breath
But their heart
And no not their life
But their soul.

Surrounded and protected by
White clouds of lies for now.
Shielding them from the world
And the danger it beholds.
But not even can the heavens keep these cherubs
Little angels and saints for long.
Because the evil slowly slithers in.

So young and so naive,
The angels believe
The fake smiles evil has plastered on his face.
And so they follow,
Follow evil into the path of darkness
Leading them straight down to hell.

By the time they realize
The trap they’re in
It’ll be too late to save them.
Because the light on their halo
Is already gone and their wings
Are bent broken and torn.
Evil has already stripped them of their purity
Raped their innocence
And murdered their souls.

Tears now flow
From the little angels eyes
Because they realize now
What curiosity has done.
It deprived their purity,
Seized their innocence
And killed their soul
Leaving nothing but a cold hard shell.

Still breathing, still living
But no longer a cherub
Killed by curiosity
Forever gone these angels will be

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