Love found

June 16, 2011
Here I go
Once again
Back into the place
That I fear the most.
I tried to deny it
And tried to hide it.
I refused to believe it
And refused to accept it.
But once again
Love got its way.

I tried to runaway
But you chased and caught me.
Tears rolling down my cheeks
I shook my head and kept whispering “no”
But then you softly whisper “yes”

You captured my soul and
Stolen my thoughts.
Cant help but smile
When you cross my mind
And when I hear your voice
My heart starts beating fast
And my stomach flutters.

I swore that I’d never
Fall again
Back into the death whole
Called love.
Been through too much pain
To take this risk again...

Can’t do this again
Cause my heart’s still
Scattered and lost
From the last time it broke.

But instead of leaving
You found all the lost and broken pieces
Put them back together
And tried to hand it back.
But I smiled and shook my head.
Puzzled you ask why
So I smile and reply
“Because it’s already yours.”

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