nature at its finest

June 16, 2011
By DLPwriting BRONZE, CDA, Idaho
DLPwriting BRONZE, CDA, Idaho
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i stepped out the door today
with the sun shining on my face.
the sound of ants pacing on the cement.
i look across the street to a house for rent
blue suited men carrying couches and stools. i look above to a multi colored bird with news for the otheres.
as i start my journey thru the grass into a field
i start to wonder why is it so cold as i pull my sweater over me
then i start to travel up a hill.
the wind fighting against me.
as the hill comes to a end.
i sit in the green grass and pull a camera out of my little bag take a photo of the houses below.
then i put it away and continue my journey.
wind blowing my hair into my face as i pick up the pace.
i put on my hood to block the wind from hitting my face.
as i traveled down the slop i sit on a rock and gaze at pure beauty.
ocean as fare as the eye can see with the birds flying over head singing a beautiful song and the wind hitting the grass making a high pitched noise with the oceans waves crashing over each othere.
as a dark cloud makes its way across the baby blue sky.
as it starts to sprinkle i stand to my feet and throw out my arms and close my eyes.
as i feel the chilled water hits my face i think of all the things that i love.
the wind picks up and the rain stops and my face starts to warm up and i open my eyes to a beautiful ray of light breaking though there dark cloud. i sit back down and think to my self theree you go the final touch.
as a rainbow reaches over the sky.
i reach into my bag a snap the shot of nature at its finest.

The author's comments:
one day i was writing scripts for a movie I'm making and i look out side at the beauty and i walked out the door and took a deep breath and just walked and saw every thing i was missing out on and i just sat in the grass and took out a composition book and a pen and started to write

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