My apologies

June 16, 2011
I’m sorry that I ain’t pretty for you
Wish I could be the girlfriend that you could say
“You’re beautiful”
“You’re pretty”
To and be able to mean it,
Not having to gag
Whenever you see me
That’s why I told you to stop
Texting me I was beautiful,
I didn’t want to think that you were
Pretending I looked like someone else
Whenever you texted me that
You never did afterwards….
Are you grateful you don’t have to lie anymore?
Because you’ve never once looked at me and said it
No one besides my parents has ever said I was even ‘cute’
And they’re obligated to say that,
I am their daughter
But I know that I ain’t
Maybe I’d be able to believe I was beautiful
If you said it to my face
But even if you did,
Would you mean it?
Would you not pretend that I looked like those girls you called hot before we dated?
Would you even ever say it?
I know you won’t though,
Because I ain’t pretty,
And I know.

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