Girl in the picture

June 16, 2011
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The girl in the picture
Wearing a cute pink and white lacy dress looking pretty
Her mother had gently applied Kohl into her eyes,
She was always wearing it
Her small round earrings were glistening in the soft light
She looks so innocent with her big brown eyes
Looking straight at the camera*
Wondering… just wondering
Why is she getting her picture taken?
Her hair combed to the side
Looking sleek and shiny
Her hair was a dark brown color
But as she grew it became more of a black/brown color.
Little did she know that she would be moving to America
Still wondering why she was getting her picture taken
But soon she would know.
Know scared and struggling to get off the table
But mother would not let her she would hold her down and sweet talk her
Saying “its okay it’s only a picture”
Know that I look back at all this I wonder what was really going through my mind
America really changed the way I am today and coming here at a young age was tough
Everything just changed
I changed
Everything changed so suddenly but going back home is really tough to get use to
Even though I went for 2-3 months
A lot of things changed and It probably had took a long time to get used to
And I bet it had…
She was young
She did not like the taste of water

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