The Eve of a new day

June 16, 2011
By Julia Bindler BRONZE, Mamaroneck, New York
Julia Bindler BRONZE, Mamaroneck, New York
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Those dark, quite eyes I see
Translucent skin, hair
She puts her hand right through me
She tells me don’t be scared
I am
She’s from a faraway place
How far?
She says she’s sorry but it transcends my grasp
She’s from nowhere
Where there’s nothing but everything
A sort of planet, she explains
A body where everyone is one,
There is no difference.
No matter,
No skin to separate.
Just existence, in perfect, uniform structure
Made up of molecules of a different sort
That can’t be touched
They can’t be perceived.
But she’s flawed, she explains
One day she flaked off
And came upon our universe
She watched a mark appear on the surface nothing
She quietly observed people
For the entirety of their time
And with each blemish that arose
She became scratched, cracked, and torn
Until she became something I could see

We’re all just scars on a face she explains
Were terribly deformed
And it’s beautiful.
I found beauty hiding where it shouldn’t be
I saw it in everything
All the joy and pain,
Just look how red is the blood in your veins!
So no, I couldn’t return to what I was
I wouldn’t fit
My structure’s changed, one touch
And I would upset the balance
This beautiful infection would spread like fire

I reach out to touch her face
And I feel, the slightest, thinnest shred
Of skin
She gasps, eyes wide

I’ve felt it, she cries
I’ve become solid
It’s time, she said
It’s time
To share this gift.

And she’s gone
And in the sky, I see a burst
Of color
Of something being born.

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