Ambassador of the Dead

June 16, 2011
By KR1ST0_X BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
KR1ST0_X BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Bloody, rotting ambassador of the dead,
Why so determined to catch me?
So determined, you look for the quickest possible way to reach me.

But you are so slow, it probably won’t make much of a difference.
Poor ambassador.

Yet, it doesn’t stop you.

Smelly, growling messenger, your cries echo in my ears.
They remind me of your precise determination.

Why me?

Why not something else?
Or someone else?

Maybe I should ask: how so determined to catch me?
Does anything else inhabit your mind?
You waste whatever’s left of your (second) life on me?


For hours, you chase me.
You show no sign of hopelessness.
Even knowing the fact that I’m ten times faster than you, armed and dangerous, and clever.
Yet, you show no fear… only bravery.

I fear you more than you fear me.
Maybe you are unaware of my capability to end your life.

Is it ignorance that leads to your determination?
Is it ignorance that leads to your fearlessness?
Is it ignorance that benefits you?

Limping, focused spokesperson.

I carry on from fear.
You carry on from bravery.

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