When You, I'll...

June 15, 2011
When your handes tremble,
I'll be there to steady them.
When your heart breaks,
I'll put each piece back together.
When you're feeling ill,
I'll nurse you back to health.
When you can't walk any farther,
I'll be your legs.

When you lose your money,
I'll give you mine.
When your house burns down,
I'll build you one from scratch.
When you're bored,
I'll throw you a party.
When you want a husband,
I'll bring you a prince.

When you're feeling old,
I'll give you my youth.
When your joints ache,
I'll carry you anywhere.
When your eyes start failing,
I'll get you new ones.
When you lose your mind,
I'll give you mine.

But what about me?
When I'm heartbroken?
When I'm bankrupt?
When I'm lonely?
When I'm old?
When I'm blind?
Would you do the same for me?
If not, then I take it all back.

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