June 15, 2011
By Kurbsz SILVER, Anniston, Alabama
Kurbsz SILVER, Anniston, Alabama
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-"Never settle for anything less. When one door closes, climb through a window or break down another door". -Brooke Shields

Is there no truth in surrender? Is there no beauty in lies? Is there anything of anything or everything of everything? I will use my photographic memory to conquer restlessness. I saw beauty in the blackest rose. I saw rays of life in the withered petals. I saw hopes and dreams in the rotted leaves. I saw a plentiful river in the thirsty roots. I heard laughter in the ominous rumbles of thunder. I saw rainbows between strikes of lighting. The live rose can't compete with the dead one. The sunshine can't compete with the storm. For in the black rose, and in the thunderstorm are things we are too afraid to face. Lies, snaking around my ankles, dragging me into their hideaway-your eyes. Pain that pulls me under the tide of your heart-and drowns me. So I'll walk with lies on my left and pain on my right, which is in fact, you yourself split in two. Together, we will conquer tragedy. Together, we will conquer the highest mountain and the lowest valley. And we will reach a crossroads-where lies and pain meet truth and peace. And they will fight the fiercest battle. Tearing scratches. Piercing screams. But who will come out on top? Will it be that truth in surrender? Or the beauty in lies? The end of the war came when truth clashed with beauty and lies teamed with surrender. And then, I walked away, hand in hand....with sensation.

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