June 15, 2011
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The grass is the green shade of envy. The sky as blue as the ocean. And as the guilty drops fall down on her, the salt mixes with her tears. She sees everything in a new light, a new color. And as she pounds the floor with her fists, her tears spill over, uncovering things never before seen. You can't hear the silence she hears. You can't see the darkness she sees. You will never be vulnerable to the creatures of the night like she is. Destructible. Diminishing. Fading... You won't flow with this free verse like she does. You'll never understand why she scales the tallest buildings. Freedom. Flight. Danger. She stares at the black speakers, blaring into her face. Scraping. Scratching. Digging for the words coming from those speakers. The words that give her comfort. And in her torn speakers, she sees new faces that promise new beginnings. They promise peace. Eternity. Immortality. They promise freedom. They promise a lunar eclipse and a shooting star. They promise....solace.

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