Beautiful Soul

June 15, 2011
By Kurbsz SILVER, Anniston, Alabama
Kurbsz SILVER, Anniston, Alabama
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You hide your eyes. You hide the grim look on your face. You hide your feelings. You perfectionist. You experienced liar. It seems no one will ever know you like I do. See, I see past the cloud of smoke you hide your face behind. The thick puff that hides everything you're afraid to show...and everything I miss. I see behind the black eyes. Sometimes tear stained. Sometimes numb. The eyes that are vulnerable to criticism. Susceptible to hatred. Unworthy of praise. Destined for danger. Arranged for eviction. Hiding from the truth. I see past the painted on smile. The perfectly painted on smile. The smile that whispers secrets and lies. The smile that holds unspoken truths. The lips that tremble in fear. I see past the act of satisfaction. I see past the nonchalant attitude. What I such a shame that everyone else can't see it. This beautiful soul that is destined for greatness. Are you a dream? Why can you only visit me in my sleep, oh beautiful soul? Can you wake me up? Wake me up from this horrible nightmare of discovering the true identity of someone I know oh so well.... oh, my beautiful soul.

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