Grief Without Relief

May 31, 2011
By DanielleSelts BRONZE, Outlook, Other
DanielleSelts BRONZE, Outlook, Other
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Friends are there through thick and thin,
If only mine would let me in.
I begin to cry, my heart starts to pound,
Felt as though you pushed me to the ground.
No longer do I understand the word 'friendship'

Friends help you up when you fall,
Mine are the ones to make me crawl.
Trying to disguise the pain, I struggle away,
Maybe, the torture would end today.
I fake a smile and hide the pain.

Friends smother you with happiness,
Instead the smother me without such bliss.
Im screaming inside, but without any fuss,
The ouside of me is not willing to discuss.
Pushed to the floor, pushed aside.

Friends bring joy to your life,
They slow twist and cut me with their Knife.
Raindrops that slow trickle my nose,
Turn into hail storms, becoming my foes.
What ever happened to the people I call 'friends'?

The author's comments:
This poem is about being pushed around by the ones you love the most, your friends. It shows that people can change, for the worse of things. Not everyone stays the same and even friends can be your closest enemies

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