In My Dreams

May 30, 2011
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Can't keep you out of my mind.
What's the real reason to why you dream about someone over and over again?
Science says it's because you fell asleep thinking about them.
Superstition says it's because they fell asleep thinking about you.
If that's true, then, have you been dreaming of me too?
I remember the first dream; you had been gone three days that night that I drifted off to sleep with misty eyes.
I don't know where we were or who we were with. All I remember is you.
Your cheek was resting against mine, and I was breathing in your soft sweet scent that I miss so dearly.
Your arm was wrapped tight around my waist.
Never letting go.
And I distinctly remember you saying,
"I never wanted to leave you."
I remember my pulse doubling, my eyes closing, your lips touching mine.
And then I woke up... And cried.
The second dream was more symbolic of the events that were constantly changing at blinding speed.
We were in my house; she was there as well.
Her, the one you now love.
The girl that makes me feel like a knife is going through my chest every time I lay eyes on her.
We were standing close together, the two of us; she was watching from a few feet away... Watching over us like a hawk.
All I remember is you kissing me like you've never kissed me before, and I remember feeling the rage practically radiating from her. In the second dream, I'd won the battle.
In reality, I was losing everything that was keeping me alive.

Losing you is like losing a limb;
I still have the illusion that you're there.
But then I see you with your arm around her, and it hits me like a brick wall.
I remember I can't kiss you goodbye every day.
But she can.

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