Be Mine?

May 30, 2011
By Taylor Blanchard SILVER, Kennesaw, Georgia
Taylor Blanchard SILVER, Kennesaw, Georgia
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I can see the way you look at her.
As if a look can reverse the past.
A simple look in the eye, with all the kindness, and forgiving, and sadness locked up behind... Just waiting to be let out.
And she holds the key.
But she's throwing it all away.
She's throwing away everything that I'd hold so close.
Never let go.
Don't you get it?
I would never throw everything you gave me, everything you gave up, all it was worth,
right out the window like she has.
You'd be safe in my heart.
You wouldn't have to worry.
But you can't even see
What's right in front of you
What could be all yours to keep
Forever and ever,
Because you're too busy staring into
The eyes that will never
Give back
All you've given.

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