winding, weaving, wind

May 30, 2011
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Winding, Weaving, Wind
Now I listen to the light, swift air,
As life seems to move so fast,
While I sit without a care,
I start to think about the past.
When trees were spread throughout the field,
When they stood so tall, full of yield.
I feel it on my face, a nice warm breeze,
Knowing that it will soon, reach those trees.
And as it comes back to me
I remember that nature lies so free.
And seems to whine throughout the day,
Though it will never have it’s say,
On whether it will go or stay,
While families come to look, and play
It sits here now in my eye,
And though it one day might die,
I will never say goodbye.
Always my one close friend,
A relationship that will never end.
Though I might never know,
Whether it will stay or go.
It will always lie near,
For me, that is clear.
In my heart or in my mind,
It always remains so kind.

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