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May 30, 2011
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Today I learned that the truth hurts sometimes.
But sometimes we need the truth.
Sometimes empty lies get us nowhere.

Today I learned that only compromises can move us along.
I learned that tears hurt when they're being locked inside,
Suddenly set off, suddenly eager to be let go.

I learned that the truth can be quite a tearjerker.
But the truth is what makes us stronger.

I learned that things aren't always what they seem;
So don't be so sure.
One minute, things are perfect.
The next, your hands are full of shattered glass... Pieces that will never be put back together.
But those pieces were broken for a reason;
And if you try to rejoin them, you'll only hurt yourself more.

Today I learned that you should never speak too soon, with unsure lips... It could all come flying right back at you.
And when you collide, sparks will fly.
Like fireworks...
You never saw it coming.
It'll bring tears to your eyes.

Most of all, the most important thing I learned today,
Was what love will give us.
Love, and be loved in return.
Hate, and be hated.
Keep the flame burning,
One way or another.
Everything, even the smallest move,
Will bring a consequence.
And obviously, I must have done something right somewhere along the way, because today,
I learned that I am loved...
Like no other.

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