Dark nerd

May 31, 2011
By Anime-Lover BRONZE, Jonesboro, Arkansas
Anime-Lover BRONZE, Jonesboro, Arkansas
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Darkness will swallow you whole,

Darkness will feed on your soul,

Darkness will be your end,

You won't love again.

Anger and sorrow will do you good,

Anger and sorrow will take over you,

Live and regret,

They killed whats inside of you.

Everyone dies in front of your eyes,

By the sword hanging by your side,

Laughter can be heard,

By a single beast in the herd.

The only one left is a Nerd,

And she wants to be heard,

Abused and battered,

Bullied and teased.

His light was all gone,

She walks the path of darkness,

Reaching no light,

Revenge is all it takes.

His mother,his father,and siblings too,

Teachers and students in his grade,

She watched with his eyes,

As she killed them all by the sword hanging by his side

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