I am From

May 30, 2011
I am from,
Long days on the beach,
Sand in my eyes and salt in my hair.
I am from Dog walks and parks,
The musky, sweet smell of fur,
Panting and slobbering and sniffing and wagging.
I am from melody,
Long rainy days, a CD, and an inspiration,
My first LP and my first record player.
I am from Art,
Harsh marble dust, and the weight of a hammer,
The world through a lens, or from a brush or in a pen.

I am from,
Barbeques with friends,
Smokey chicken and potato salad.
I am from early mornings,
My dad’s coffee next to my hot chocolate,
Frying spam, rice and eggs.
I am from dark parlors,
Italian salads, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts,
Pizza dough and root beer.
I am from family dinners,
Ribs and rice,
And butter in every bite.

I am from,
My teachers, good and bad, and my mom,
Their pointers and chalk and expo markers.
I am from lessons,
Writers and painters and sculptors,
My dad, uncle, godfather, and boss.
I am from books,
Authors and ideas,
But mostly their characters.
I am from peers,
My friends, who are influences and confidants,
Lights in the storm of life.
I am from my pets,
Pele and Morgan,
Pearl and Picasso and Georgia.

I am from,
Kiddo and Wil, and Munchkin,
Dude, Mr. Fab, Spam & Ham.
I am from inside jokes,
It only takes a shovel,
Brocephalepod, Brodeo, Loquacious loligag.
I am from hideouts,
Wilson World, The Warehouse, The Art College,
The cliff, The Information Center, The Pump-house.
I am from Living Life.

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