Silent Circus

May 30, 2011
By Andrea Wu BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Andrea Wu BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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The once lively music had died; the excitement had vanished
The once filled tent was empty
The nightly quiet snores of the tigers could not be heard
The once brilliant, intense spotlights lights were dull
It was dark and objects could be mistaken for something they were not
The once swinging trapezes were motionless
All the props were removed
The once used microphone was soundless
There was no sign that amusement took place
The once entertaining clowns had long gone home
The elephants were no longer trudging with elegant dancers on their backs
The once chattering monkeys were now hushed
The ringmaster’s booming voice was nowhere to be found
The once vivid tent was now tattered and muddy
Tickets that were used to gain entrance were littered upon the ground
The once spotless floor was covered with a blanket of trash
Ropes and ribbons that were used by talented artists were now frayed as well as slashed
The once strong stakes that held the tent to the ground were slowly being released from the ground; the tent was losing its shape and collapsing
The once opened flap was closed
The yellowing, aging posters were worn to shreds and torn off at the edges
The circus that was once so joyful and gleeful was now silent

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