June 25, 2011
By Taliacat13 BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
Taliacat13 BRONZE, Bellingham, Washington
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Before you begin, I need to inform you of a
slight technical difficulty.
It could just be a misunderstanding, but to avoid further blame,
it would be good for you to know
I am not beautiful.
In a society that praise the naturally gifted
and shuns the outcast
I am in the middle
arms outstretched
in a questionable gesture.
The potential leaks out of me
I can see you
with the hungry eyes
of what could have been.
(might still be).
I could’ve fallen in love with you.
But for now I am alone.
In the millions
on this reality
I used to
(and still may);
think that I was one among many.
Borders uncrossed lined up before me:
my choosing.
For then,
though I did not know it,
I was (Beautiful)...
What happened to the fairy faces of childhood
and the potential I was promised and disillusioned of?
I wanted to know—
hazy future in hand.
(and still do).

The author's comments:
I've gotten into a bad habit of not editing my poems. I get excited when I finished them, then immediately post them here, completely raw and unedited. Ah well. I'll break the cycle someday and turn out better stuff. For now, enjoy.

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