I Am Alone

May 30, 2011
By Anonymous

I think about

All the days that go by,

Where rainstorms and shirtsleeves

Conceal the tears that I cry.
I think about

All the girls that walk by,

Who whisper and laugh

Leaving me to wonder why?
Does no one feel the same way?
I think
If there is;

They’re pretending that they’re okay.
Perhaps I too should pretend.


Say I’m okay.

In hopes that one day

These wounds will somehow mend.
No matter what they say,

I am alone.
When I walk the halls, receiving hateful stares,

I am alone.
When I sit at lunch in the corner of the room,

I am alone.

I stand alone.

I walk alone.

I feel alone.
I think about

What my future has in store.

Will there be change? Improvement?

I wouldn’t dare ask for more.
I think about

What I even did wrong.

Do I deserve this pain and isolation?

I don’t remember it’s been so long.
All I can remember is

Being Alone.

Standing Alone.

Walking Alone.

Feeling Alone.

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