Love like this

May 30, 2011
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She was fire,he was ice

Their love was like a hot streak of passion and desire

She was a fighter,he was peace

Their love was somewhere in the middle,like an endless crease

She was beauty,he was grace

Their love was an answer to the unspoken questions raised

She was spirit,he was charm

Their love was pain and loss,as hard it got

She was unreal,he was no god

Their love had conquered centuries of fury,rage and storm

She was in love,he was too

Yet this time it was not to last

She was comfort,he was warmth

But it was no less than facing the wrath

She was haven,he was clouds

And together they cried until the world had drowned

She was sunshine,he was moonlight

And fury they brought upon the earth,with unending torture bestowed upon us

She was forgiveness,he was divine

She became humble and he turned kind

The world was spared from the agony of the long wait

She declared,he agreed,to part ways

For there are many more means by which love can thrive

She bid the final goodbye with tears in her eyes

He fell to his knees unable to see her weep

She looked on in silent horror as he brought the knife to his throat

She was immortal was one fact he chose to overlook

And driven by his grief,torture,passion and longing

He killed himself for the maiden to whom he had pledged his belonging

She was in unfathomable pain,and tried everything to join him,but in vain

The earth received no mercy now and the clouds always rained

As hard as she tried,she could not join her lover to ease the pain

And she forever dissolved into tears of fury and regret,deafening as the rain

And here ended the story of love that had conquered all tests but failed the one that turned her insane

The light had gone out of her eyes and she couldn’t clear her brain

She never spoke for the rest of the life,at least nothing one heard about

And she eternally drowned into sorrow and pain.

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