Never take things for granted

May 29, 2011
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As a kid taking things for granted was my thing
But when I started to maturing, growing up
I realized what I have, the kids in Africa
would never take for granted but share
with family and friends .
I realized when i said "I'm starving"
there are really people who have
went with starvation for months
But I've only went hours and saying I'm hungry
As a teen I would take anything i couldn't have
That was my thing, being childish
Not caring about the kids who have to except the word NO
for the thing I don't even have to ask for but get.
my mom asking can I watch my siblings
I put up a fight about that
not realizing theirs kids younger then me that have to raise their siblings.
For me to be selfish at all is not the way i was raised.
realizing African girls and boys are not selfish but always self-less

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