The Edge

May 29, 2011
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The road to here was long and winding
At every turn another foe
But here I stand unscathed and stronger
Than I’ve ever been before

Before me lies the sheerest cliff
And tracks back homeward, too
I stand at the edge and ponder
But I know not what to do

The train back home is built for comfort
Made of iron painted red
Crewed by all the finest servants
And equipped with gilded beds

But at the end of the journey backward
I know exactly what I’ll get
Only bitter disappointment
And deepest, dark regret

The cliff face seems more treacherous
I cannot see what lies below
Either joy or sorrow waits for me
But which I cannot know

So I stand on the edge and ponder
Which path I’ll choose to take
The journey to regret in comfort
Or the blinded jump to fate?

Many a moment I’ve wondered
But still I cannot tell
What lies below the edge I’m on

I think I’ll jump


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