Death's Remembrance

May 29, 2011
If I die

And you live,

Keep my memory living on
As an unfractured light beam.

Remember me as long as the sun
shall burn

And until time is done.

And if your time should cease early,

Do not forget me as you go—

Keep remembrance as an option

As you descend below.

And if we go together, our memorials will stand

The test of time no matter how still we lie.

The marks we made will continue

As long as birds still fly.

Let our parting be tranquil,

Let our leaving be serene,

May our obituary be sprightly

As we close the scene.

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amigasr4evr said...
Aug. 23, 2011 at 2:53 pm
Beautiful lyrics! i really like "...keep my memory living on as an unfractured light beam...." well done
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