May 4, 2011
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“When I had no idea how to ride a bicycle, I had him over my shoulder telling me I could do it if I just……

When I got my first black eye and cried like a little girl for hours, guess who got me Big red boxing gloves turning me into “golden Gloves!”?

When I thought girls had cooties and were gross, and out of nowhere started thinking they were cute and I wanted to be around them more, and didn’t know why, he was there explain every little detail to me even though it took all night.

When I had my first crush and was lost out of my mind, he was there and made sure I knew exactly what to do!

When my friends started doing drugs, and I joined them thinking it was perfectly fine, there he was telling me every little thing that can happen to me making me regretting it!!!

When I started to have sex, and thought condoms would prevent me from STD’s, STI’s, getting a girl pregnant, man I was wrong!!! He was right next door with every book in the world on what can go wrong with condoms!!!

When I had all the reasons why I don’t belong in this world and wanted to kill myself, he came around and gave me all the reasons why I should stay in this world and how I can make the reasons why I shouldn’t be in this world disappear!

When I wanted to drop out of high school, he asked me where that was going to get me in life and showed me how I could end up and how my life would be, and that was the last place I wanted to be!

When I was ready to leave home, he made sure I left home a man!!! A better man that he was!!!”

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