June 15, 2011
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I’ve been hurt
Broken so many times that I can’t even count
Physically and mentally torn apart
Eaten up by the critics of my life
Diminished into the dust of a lost soul

I’ve been on a journey
Traveled a dark road clouded from death’s shadow
Saved by an echo from the past

I’ve been used
Abused to the point where my mind is numb
Trust ran away from my body
A body walking down the dangerous path
Full of materialistic driven paparazzi raping my soul

Some would say I’m broken
But I am more alive than ever.

I am Hercules
Carrying the world on my shoulders
Keeping everyone in the palm of my hands
But far from my heart
They hold their selves above my head
But I keep them there

I’ve been run down
Immobile from the stares of my audience
The voice of the judges ringing in my ears

Lost soul, broken I am not
I am more alive than ever.

Through the odyssey
I’ve unveiled the mask of my rapists
My eyes have found the light
And reality hits me in the face
Leaving it’s handprint for all to bare

I am no longer blind to the endless torment
But am completely alert and
More alive than ever.

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