Look at Me

June 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Pool Man, Pool Man look at me
She yelled while swimming to the lifeguard
Her dark brown hair that modeled Dora the Explorer
Flopped around her pale white face
Not yet tan or freckled with years of being exposed to the sun
She doggy paddled to the “Pool Man”
And he looked down laughing
So she went on to do her trick
She dove under the water for a quick second and…
BAM she jumped right back up into the open air
Did you see that mommy
I was down there for a long time
So small and eager for attention
So when her mom was ready to take the picture
She jumped into the view of the camera with a pose
Her cheeks went up and her eyes squinted
No one would be able to see her big baby blues
Her four front teeth were missing
But she was still excited to show the world her smile

So this will be the last you hear from me
She scribbled on a piece of paper
Right before she was getting ready to walk out the front door
So she could run away from her life
She would only run to the back hallway and listen in
Just to see how long it took before someone noticed she wasn’t there
She was happy when she was stopped before she took a step off her bed
Her older brother saw her and made her stay

Surrette in the hole…Surrette on deck…Surrette up
She still likes to seek for attention
She’s older, taller, and some would say wiser
But she still craves the need for attention like her two year old self
She learned new tricks to grab her audiences’ eyes
She glances to the side to see if her older sister is watching
Then she focuses back on the obstacle of the day
And she gets ready for the jump that would decide her placing
Everything would be...
Okay with her sister looking at her

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by an old photo of myself. I guess I would want people to read this poem and think of themselves now verses themselves when they were younger

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