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a misplaced heart

June 15, 2011
By jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
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what can i do when my heart is not pumping
cry or smile or be breathless or stall.
to many blood clots i been surgically removed from being alive
is it my job to supply oxygen.
misplaced on a lifeline out of reach say hi to the clouds fluffy and light blue .
hey this is a miss but I'm at a place I'm not a Mr so i supposedly mature faster but not true my heart was blue but now red.
sad but now moved with happiness i am proud to be out of the doctor's office I'm home and bleed free.

The author's comments:
some people get mixed emotions actually everyone has them in a way everyone is either happy or sad but find out were your heart really is .

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