Right now

June 15, 2011
By , Baltimore, MD
right now, i am sitting under some sort of tree...
i know the name, but i just can't remember
a pine tree, or maybe a maple?
My dog is lying down next to me, on the deep green grass.
her soppy eyes are gazing up at me,
begging for some lovin'.
my cat is rubbing up against my arms,
cat hair flying and sticking,
to my new Raven's sweatshirt.
his cars are sinking into my skin.
the birds, singing a song,
the bluebird is the flute, and the cardinal is the violin.
an almost complete orchestra.
the summer time flowers in full bloom,
pink, yellow, purple,
all the colors that make summer beautiful,
and that's why I'm sitting under some sort of tree...

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