The Heart

June 6, 2011
The Heart
Every time I see a heart my stomach turns to butterflies.
A heart is a symbol of love and that is exactly what I think of.
I think of two teenage kids deeply in love.
Almost two years of true love has gone by, and the time is still ticking.
All the laughs, cries, and memories are to never be forgotten.
He’s not only my true love, but he is my best friend.
Someone that knows everything there is to know about me.
Even my worst does not faze him.
My heart is forever taken.
He is someone that looks past all the bad in me.
My past two years is full of his life, and all the memories we share.
I fell in love with him the day we met, and I still feel the same to this day.
His imperfections are the little things I love the most, to me he is perfect.
He is there when I need him most, and he will always be there till the day I die.
He is really my shoulder I lean on, and my creamy center of the oreo.
We are two pees in a pod.
Inseparable is the word I need to mention for us.
Now days I can’t even imagine my life without him, I would not be the same person I am today.
He is everything to me.
So every time I see a heart, I see his beautiful face shining with it.
August sixteenth two thousand and nine was the best day of my life.
He burns in my heart for eternity.
The Heart.

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