Gifts for mom.

June 6, 2011
I remember being a little girl, just moving back with my mom. She was the most fascinating person I'd met up to that time. Not because she was the woman who gave me life, but the woman who made me see world, not just from my own perspective, but others. She taught me never to be afraid of who I was, what I was, who I wanted to be, and I always meant to repay her. Every Mother's day, I'd get her a card, or draw her a picture. Give her hugs, kisses, many a "I love you, Mom!". I eventually noticed people gave gifts to say thank you. Nice gifts. Things from the heart. I started making her cards, pine cone bird feeders from peanut butter, hearts, heads-up pennies, even my favorite pair of socks. Every time I gave her a gift, she would smile at me and tell me everything I gave her was wonderful. But every time, after she said thank you, she would look at me and smile and say "The best thing you can give me is your presence, and that wonderful smile and you'll never have to give me anything else." If only giving everyone that gift was so easy as it is to your mom.

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