Ode to Dreams

June 5, 2011
By AngelaPenguin BRONZE, SOUTH PASADENA, California
AngelaPenguin BRONZE, SOUTH PASADENA, California
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late at night
the silent lady
embarks on her flight

she sneaks into the bedrooms
secretly slipping into the minds
of the slumbering masses

invisible to the eye
servant of the night
she brings the fantasies
of joy and hope

bright, glittering iridescence
she dances
in a field of illuminated flowers

she lives in
a limitless world
of treasure and memories

she sings
her sweet song
bringing pleasure to all who hears

she is like seeing
dust in the sunbeams
floating on the soft summer breeze

like the boldness of fireworks
when first exploded
in starry skies

like the endless nights
of childhood
the hours filled
with pure excitement

and as the morning light
slowly peeks through
from beyond the horizon

the silent lady
vanishes without
a mere parting goodbye

leaving many
in consciousness
for more

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