Seeing Red

June 5, 2011
Seeing Red

His face turns crimson,
the bully taunts him yet again.
So many times he's been through it,
broken down and beaten in.

His scarlet blood begins to boil,
he wishes there was something he could do.
The endless jeers, stabs and snickers,
and now the bully's friends are joining in too.

They mock his now burgundy cheeks,
and tease him for the way he acts.
He can't help that he wants to have something more,
but they burden him with their constant attacks.

Now he's seeing red,
he's looking for a way to answer their jeers.
He's not the fighting type though,
So once again he walks away in fear.

Later his face is ruby again,
this time from hundreds of tears.
He has made up his mind,
tomorrow he will finally face his fears.

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