What is Love?

June 7, 2011
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Love is like walking on a frozen river. If your careful and gentle, she’ll let you to the other side of her heart.
If your rough and careless you will drown in a heartbeat… for most. If you do fall you have two options. Either she gives you another chance making you learn your mistakes and walk a little more gentle and with caution or the more preferred way by most men would be to be more rough making the hole bigger and difficult for other bypassers to walk to the other side.
Why do most men do this? Maybe to show dominance in the relationship.
Options. We’re faced with many of them in a relationship. Do you rush and stomp through the first frozen river just to get onto another river? Or do you take it slow, enjoying natures wonders that make up that one river? Hopefully you choose right. Because sooner or later that frozen river will soon forever be a frozen river.

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