hitchhiking our way slowly across the continent, we paused

June 5, 2011
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let's go hitchhiking slowly across the continent
sure the wind's in our hair but it only makes tangles
you&i can feel the salts of both seas under our skin
even though we haven't moved a step
we move as one as we throw our hands out
trying to catch some ride to our next distant land

a shuddering bump rattles through you
i've somehow escaped the worst
clutching tightly to a windowpane
when was this a good idea?
we turn as one to ask the same the question
& parallels are on our minds as we arrive

what we listened to then is no longer relative
a different genre for every city that we'll never see
sleepless nights spent on parkbenches of cornfields
a broken finger laid on the key change as we played
we laugh as one as we remembered this
episodes in hitchhiking which we'll soon forget

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