the Yellow Door

June 5, 2011
By HazelNutBee PLATINUM, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
HazelNutBee PLATINUM, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
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the door was a seasoned yellow
the kind of color that doesn't like to be put anything but first
it begged knocking as Meg neared it
or maybe even straightaway entering
for it was just that kind of color

the door was simple
just one sheet of wood
yet someone had bothered to take care of it
the house itself was forgettable
a plain white 2story thing

all the focus was on the door
as Meg drifted down the street
it seemed more important to her
than everything she walked for
traveled to and was going from

the door was 2 houses away now
and Meg began to chew the nail
of her little right finger
each step of hers grew more hesitant
as she filled in doubt with what to do

she knew she had been led to this street for a reason
(and it was out of her way by quite some time)
just so she could meet this seasoned yellow door
so now that she was in front of the house
she waited with a twisted step

The author's comments:
Walking home from school one day, I saw a bright blue house. I thought it'd be perfect with a yellow door, and this just sort of sprang into being.

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